Supporting Organizations

Sponsors and supporters from around the world
are joining again in the process of staging the

U.S. National Bonsai Exhibition

If you would like to support the growth,
appreciation and improvement of the art,
please consider a contribution to this worthwhile
event and be part of creating the history
of bonsai in the United States.

A sincere note of appreciation is extended
to the following supporting organizations
(please contact them directly for membership
benefits and to join their organizations):

National Bonsai Exhibition
The Bonsai Society of Upstate New York was founded in 1972 to promote interest and study of bonsai in Western New York. Our active members from the region learn from world-renowned bonsai artists through demonstrations, critiques and workshops.
The World Bonsai Frienship Federation

The World Bonsai Friendship Federation is dedicated to the promotion of world peace through the cultural outreach and exchange possible with the art and practice of bonsai.

Nippon Bonsai Association
The Nippon Bonsai Association was founded by bonsai hobbyists and professional bonsai artists with the purpose of promoting and disseminating the art of bonsai. Its predecessor was the "Kokufu Bonsai Society", founded in 1934, which was renamed "Nippon Bonsai Association" and authorized by the Ministry of Education in February 1965. It is the only incorporated bonsai organization in Japan.
Bonsai Clubs Internatinal
Bonsai Clubs International, a non-profit educational organization, advances the ancient and living art of bonsai and related arts through the global sharing of knowledge. We educate while promoting international friendship and solidify world relationships through cooperation with individuals and organizations whose purpose is consistent with ours.
Puerto Rico Bonsai Federation Puerto Rico Bonsai Federation
North American Bonsai Federation

The North American Bonsai Federation is an organization that represents the North American region in the World Bonsai Friendship Federation and as such is dedicated to the promotion of peace, friendship and goodwill in the world through cultural outreach and exchange possible with the practice of bonsai and related art forms.

National Bonsai Fundation

The National Bonsai Foundation is a section 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization established in 1982 to sustain the National Bonsai & Penjing Museum.  It cooperates with the U. S. National Arboretum by offering aid and advice in support of the Museum. This private/public collaboration between the Foundation and the Arboretum enables the Museum to promote the art of bonsai and penjing to visitors through masterpiece displays and educational programs while also fostering intercultural friendship and understanding.

American Bonsai SocietyAmerican Bonsai Society

Founded in 1967, the American Bonsai Society, Inc. is the pioneering national bonsai organization. As a non-profit corporation, our purpose is to promote knowledge of and interest in bonsai and to serve as a national focal point for bonsai fanciers. The American Bonsai Society is an association of individuals dedicated to promoting an interest in the art of bonsai. Through its publications, symposia and other educational activities, ABS supports the development of bonsai styling and production techniques that reflect the diverse personality of North America and encourages the use of plant species indigenous or best suited for bonsai in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Bonsai Societies of Florida

The Bonsai Societies of Florida is a tax-exempt educational organization providing supportive services and activities to encourage and promote the traditional art of bonsai throughout the state, as well as neighboring states in the Southeastern section of the United States.


Bonsai International Arboretum




International Bonsai Arboretum