World renowned bonsai and graphic artists will demonstrate their techniques at the

adding educational opportunities for the two day event

 Creating ABonsai from Nursery Stock by Hiroyoshi Yamaji, Japan. Second generation bonsai grower, Hiroyoshi Yamaji from Shikoku Island, Japan. He will demonstrate his skills and artistry as he explains the process of shaping techniques for creating a bonsai from American grown nursery stock. The large size Japanese black pine demonstration tree was container grown in South Carolina for about ten years and has been acclimatized to the severe Upstate New York climate for over five years. Mr. Yamaji will transform the Japanese black pine into a classic bonsai with Alan Adair who will assist him with the wiring. The finished Japanese black pine bonsai will be auctioned at the Saturday evening Award Banquet and Benefit Auction which will be held at the Holiday Inn- Airport. Limited seating still available.

Hiroyoshi Yamahi, Japanese Bonsai ArtistHiroyoshi Yamaji

Peter Warren, English Bonsai Artist

Peter Warren


Refining Established Bonsai by Peter Warren, England. Bonsai artist and author, Peter Warren, travels the world sharing his bonsai knowledge and skills. The large collected Eastern white cedar bonsai for his demonstration was originally designed by Marc Noelanders from Belgium at the 1997 BCI Convention in Toronto, Canada. Unable to take the bonsai back to Belgium, Reiner Goebel purchased the tree and trained it until the tree was auctioned at the 2000 ABS Convention. Since then it has been at the International Bonsai Arboretum. Mr. Warren will trim and wire the bonsai with the assistance of award winning bonsai artist and Eastern white cedar specialist Marc Arpag. The newly refined large size Eastern white cedar bonsai will be auctioned at the conclusion of the demonstration on Sunday afternoon at 4 pm.

kebana Japanese Flower Arranging by Professor Jerome Cushman, New York. Ikebana, the ancient Japanese art of flower arranging literally means “living flowers.” Accredited ikebana professor Jerome Cushman will demonstrate how to create arrangements in the modern Ichiyo School of ikebana which gives the viewer an experience with nature that is unexpected, stimulating and profound.

Professor Jeome Cushman

Professor Jerome Cushman

Dr. Alice Chen, Oriental Brush Painting Artist

Alice Chen


Oriental Brush Painting by Dr. Alice Chen, New York. Watch, be amazed as a master artist creates beautiful oriental brush paintings as the color flows off her brush onto the paper. Many of Dr. Chen’s beautiful paintings are quiet, simple and suitable to be displayed with bonsai and suiseki.


Suiseki Japanese Viewing Stones by Sean L. Smith, Pennsylvania. This year the US National Bonsai Exhibition features an invitational suiseki exhibition. Suiseki are small natural rocks which are appreciated for their shapes and suggestive forms rather than their mineral content. International suiseki authority Sean Smith will show and explain what a suiseki is and how they can be incorporated into a bonsai display.

Sean Smith

Sean L. Smith

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