Share the Beauty of your Finest Bonsai

Have you enjoyed growing and training your bonsai?
Are you proud of your artistry and accomplishments?

If you have a beautiful bonsai
you would like to see displayed
along side others from across the country
and featured in the

Commemorative Exhibition Album
consider submitting a photo
for the selection process



It is with pride and with great anticipation
that Americans are submitting photos
of their best bonsai
for the selection process.

Share the beauty of your finest bonsai
with the world
by displaying in the
4th US National Bonsai Exhibition

Click on the image below to download the PDF flyer of the
2014 US National Bonsai Exhibition

4th US National Bonsai Exhibition

Join us in Rochester,
New York, to see the beauty of museum quality bonsai

and enjoy the creativity of each artist
as they present a message or feeling
of the summer season through
their distinctive displays.

Bonsai International Arboretum




International Bonsai Arboretum