White Chojubai Flowering Quince

White Chojubai Flowering Quince

White Chojubai Flowering Quince
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Chaenomeles japonica ‘Chojubai White’

There are numerous cultivars of Japanese flowering quince, mostly selected for flower color and form. The Chojubai Japanese flowering quince is highly prized for the small flowers and rough bark which develops with age. Usually they begin flowering from late autumn to spring. The orange-red cultivar is well known with dark green leaves, but slow growing and difficult to find in this country. The white cultivar is even more rare and is much faster and easier to grow than the red variety. The white flowers are commonly followed by small yellow fragrant fruit which contrast well with the light green foliage. Most of these plants have been traind to be single trunk bonsai. Try this rare plant with white flowers!

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Larger image depicts a developed bonsai, ceramic pot not included.

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