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About Our Bare-root
Seedlings & Potted Specimens

Each year for the past 28 years I have prepared bare-root seedlings for my forest bonsai classes. I carefully evaluate the current crop available for a wide range of sizes and species for bonsai from growers across the country. This season pre-bonsai with larger shaped trunks are also available.
    Seedlings are a very economical way to obtain plants at a low individual cost ($3.50 to $8 each) for bonsai. They are excellent for bonsai classes and workshops. Many are difficult to find, especially in small sizes for bonsai. Societies often plan ahead and purchase bare-root seedlings for forest bonsai workshops because they develop quickly. This is an excellent way to develop fibrous roots and branching.
    Forest bonsai can be easily created from bare-root seedlings because they have light branching and small root systems which can be placed closer together than potted specimens. The bare-root seedlings are dormant, healthy and are also suitable for growing-on to larger unusual bonsai.
    Many are rare and difficult to locate in small sizes which makes them ideal for hobbyists who want to grow and shape their own bonsai. Developing your own bonsai from young plants with pliable trunks is a fun and satisfying method to shape the bonsai to our own design. Please note that all seedlings are field-grown one to four year old bare-root plants. Many do not have an abundance of fibrous roots or twigs but they can be easily developed during the first growing season. The potted pre-bonsai are established in one quart, one gallon or seven gallon containers.
     Established potted imported and domestic bonsai specimens are in excellent supply and available for pick up in Rochester, New York or delivery to bonsai conventions I will be attending. Please let me know what you are looking for.
    Care and training information on each species can be located in the  back issues of the International BONSAI magazine. Good luck with your bonsai during the new growing season. Please telephone if you have further questions. Order early to avoid disappointment since many species are in limited numbers!  Shipping season January through APRIL/2014.  Minimum order $25.00. Please review the pdf catalog below for further terms and instructions. Shipping season has ended,please come back in late december to view the 2015 catalog. Thank you

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