Trident Maple

Trident Maple

Trident Maple
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Acer buergerianum  
The Trident maple is one of the best deciduous species for forest and single trunk bonsai. The small, dark green, trilobed leaves turn yellow and orange in autumn. They quickly grow in trunk caliper and thin twigs are attractive in winter when the structual beauty can be enjoyed. New shoots grow from old wood and after drastic pruning. Flexible slender seedlings are great for thread grafting roots and branches. The larger specimens are great for workshops or larger bonsai.

5 trees in community pots– 12-15”– $50 Free Shipping!
Pre-bonsai– 3” POT, 10-12”– $25 Free Shipping!
Pre-bonsai– 1 gal, 14-18”– $55 Free Shipping!

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Larger image depicts a developed bonsai, ceramic pot not included. 

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