Taiwan Boxwood

Taiwan Boxwood

Taiwan Boxwood
Yellow FlowersTrunk Character
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Buxus harlandii 

Originally from China the Taiwan Boxwood is not often seen the American nursery trade. It is primarily cultivated and trained for bonsai because of the unusual, white beautiful bark texture. It also has profuse small yellow flowers in late winter to spring which are fragrant. The small dark green leaves are longer than wide. Although larger size bonsai can be trained, smaller bonsai can be developed because they grow quicker than Kingsville Boxwood. Although winter hardy, the Taiwan Boxwood can also easily be grown indoors. Create an unusual bonsai with rough bark and yellow flowers.

 Pre-bonsai– 4” pot, 6-10”– $40 Free Shipping! Good For Workshop!

Larger image depicts a sample pre-bonsai after wiring and repoting and a sample pre-bonsai.
Smaller images depict yellow flowers and trunk character.

Pre-Bonsai sold unwired in a 4" nursery pot. Ceramic pot not included.
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