Sekka Hinoki Cypress

Sekka Hinoki Cypress

Sekka Hinoki Cypress
beforeafter wiring
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Chamaecyparus obtusa ‘Sekka’

Sekka hinoki cypress are rare in this country. They have a compact growth habit which are excellent for small and shohin bonsai. Thefoliage is tight and must be thinned out to find the branches. Very winter hardy, this plant is also becoming a popular with dwarf conifercollectors. These pre-bonsai Sekka hinoki cypress are single trunk, quite bushy and can be easily pruned, wired and shaped into impressive bonsai during a three hour workshop.  A few older larger specimens which were stock plants for cuttings are available for pick up only or delivery to bonsai conventions. Great for club workshops or classes!

Pre-bonsai- 1 gal. 6-8” Tall– $40 Free Shipping

Good for workshop and classes!

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Larger image depicts a developed bonsai, ceramic pot not included.

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