Momo No Haru Azalea

Momo No Haru Azalea

Momo No Haru Azalea
Pre-Bonsai Sample
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Rhododendron indicum ‘Momo No Haru’

Satsuki azaleas are appreciated for their beautiful colorful blossoms and interesting trunks. Generally more emphasis is given to the flowers, so cultivars with larger blooms are used more often to display their beauty. Momo No Haru is a dwarf cultivar of satsuki azaleas with small foliage which turns reddish in autumn for another season of appreciation. The flowers are quite small, one inch, for satsuki azaleas. This makes Momo No Haru them ideal for small and shohin size bonsai. The blossoms are a vivid dark pink and star shaped. Like all azaleas, Momo No Haru, have a fibrous root system which makes transplanting and root pruning easier. These single trunk plants have been trimmed and grown for bonsai. Although azaleas have a reputation for having brittle wood, these plants are flexible and subtle shapes can be created. The container grown plants are from 4” pots and 1 gal. containers, full of flower buds for a late spring blossoming period.

Large Pre-bonsai from 1gal. 8-12” Tall– $60 Free Shipping 

Small Pre-bonsai from 4” pot 6-8” Tall– Sold Out

Good for workshop and classes!

Larger image depicts a deleloped bonsai forest, ceramic pot not included. 

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