Kishu Sargent Juniper

Kishu Sargent Juniper

Kishu Sargent Juniper
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Juniperus chinensis ‘Shimpaku Kishu’ 

Sargent juniper, also called Shimpaku, is a favorite among bonsai artists from beginners to master artists. The evergreen, deep green foliage, is quick to develop and easy to maintain by pinching. Supple branches can withstand quite a bit of bending into extreme as well as delicate shapes. These young specimens started from cuttings have been container grown to ensure a healthy complete root system and are ready for basic shaping and growing with nice branching. The Kishu Sargent juniper has deep green foliage and is more compact and dense than the common Sargent juniper. This is the variety used in Japan to graft onto old Sargent junipers to create masterpiece bonsai. 

Pre-bonsai- from 1 gal. 12-15” Tall– $65 Free Shipping

Good for workshop and classes!

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Larger image depicts a developed bonsai, ceramic pot not included. 

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