Japanese Larch

Japanese Larch

Japanese Larch
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Larix kaempferi

Japanese larch are deciduous conifers. Early spring is the best time of the year to appreciate the small delicate opening buds, which look artificial. Following a summer of light green needles they will turn golden yellow in autumn before dropping, displaying beautiful twigs with large buds. Japanese larch are quite winter hardy and will not thrive in warm climates with high humidity. Trees are pliable and have been trimmed and have great branching. Brilliant spring new growth coloring! 

pre-bonsai– 4” pot, 10-16”– $30 Free Shipping!
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Larger image depicts a sample pre-bonsai wired and repotted.
image depicts sample pre-bonsai. Pre-bonsai are not sold wired or potted.

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