European Beech

European Beech

European Beech
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Fagus sylvatica  

Beech are a beautiful species primarily grown for their white bark, long buds and fine twigs. The dark green leaves turn bright yellow in autumn. The winter bronze leaves often persist throughout the winter. Forest bonsai are commonly created with beech because they are easy to grow. These five branched seedlings can quickly be created into a forest bonsai and have been grown in a community pot. Trunks become white in about six years. The trained pre-bonsai are branching and often smaller foliage than Japanese beech. 

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5 tree bundle in plastic container 6-12"- $50

pre-bonsai– 4" pot, 16-20"- $90 

pre-bonsai– Small tree 16-20" in plastic training pot - $150.

pre-bonsai– Large tree 16-20" in plastic training pot 16-20"- $190.

Larger image depicts a deleloped bonsai forest, ceramic pot not included.
Smaller image depict sample pre-bonsai.

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