Chinese Quince

Chinese Quince

Chinese Quince
Pre Bonsai
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Pseudocydonia sinensis

The Chinese Quince, “King of Fruiting Bonsai” is a distinctive species because of its attractive delicate pink flowers in spring and large fruit during the summer. In autumn the fragrant fruit mature to a golden yellow and the foliage turns bright orange and red. Irregular patches of colorful bark peel away during the growing season which can be best appreciated in the winter. All plants are seedlings from one of our bonsai and were grown in small two inch pots and now have excellent roots. They are ready for further training in larger pots, grows quickly. The tall thin trunks can easily be wired into interesting shapes or created into a forest bonsai.  Chinese quince has it all– flowers, fruit, bark and autumn color.

3 Unbranched Seedling Bundle - 8-12” Tall – $35 Free Shipping

Branched Pre-bonsai– from 4” pots 10-12” Tall – $35 Free Shipping

Good for workshop and classes!

Click on smaller image to view Pre-Bonsai.
Larger image depicts a developed bonsai, ceramic pot not included. 

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