Koto Hime Japanese Maple

Koto Hime Japanese Maple

Koto Hime Japanese Maple
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Acer palmatum ‘Koto Hime’

The Koto Hime Japanese maple has probably the smallest foliage of all maples and is superb for shohin bonsai as well as larger specimens. The tiny foliage leafs out with a reddish color which becomes rich green. These plants are cutting grown and established in their pots. Surface roots quickly develop from cuttings and develop heavy trunks when pot grown. The natural growth habit is upright, so horizontal branching needs to be shaped with wire. Short dense bonsai can be developed in a few seasons with this easy to grow select cultivar. Add this small treasure to your bonsai collection. 

pre-bonsai- 1 gallon, 12-16" $90 Free Shipping!

pre-bonsai– 4” pot, 9-14” $48 Sold Out!

pre-bonsai– 3” pot, 6-10” $35 Sold Out!

Click on smaller image to see Pre Bonsai sample.
Larger image depicts a developed bonsai , ceramic pot not included. 

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