Sekka Hinoki Cypress*

Sekka Hinoki Cypress*

Sekka Hinoki Cypress*
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Chamaecyparis obtusa ‘Sekka’  

Sekka hinoki cypress have a compact growth habit which are excellent for small and shohin bonsai. The dark green foliage is tight and  must be thinned out to find the branches. These pre-bonsai are single trunk, quite bushy and can be easily pruned, wired and shaped into impressive bonsai during a workshop. The foliage is quite tight and tends not to die back. Great for club workshops or classes! 

Pre-bonsai– 1 gal, 10-14” - $65 Free Shipping! 

Good for workshop and classes!

Larger image depicts a developed  bonsai inceramic pot not included, not for sale.
2nd image depicts a developed shohin bonsai in ceramic pot not included, not for sale.
Click on smaller images to see image of pre -Bonsai.

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