Noga  Crabapple*

Noga Crabapple*

Noga  Crabapple*
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Malus x ‘Noga’

Over 30 years ago Joe Noga collected a wild Crabapple and studied the way it grew. This tree has beautiful pink buds opening to white flowers followed by small round red fruit which usually persist throughout the winter. It is easy to grow and quite winter hardy and thrives in the heat of some southern regions. All trees have been wired for movement. The larger trees are older with heavier trunks. 

PRE-BONSAI– 4” POT, Short, 6-8”– $65 Free Shipping!

PRE-BONSAI– 4” POT, Tall/Older, 8-10”– $95 Free Shipping!

Larger picture depicts Pre- Bonsai sample.
Click on smaller image to view Pre- Bonsai older and larger sample, flowers, fruits.

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