Japanese Black Pine

Japanese Black Pine

Japanese Black Pine
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Pinus thunbergii

Japanese black pines are one of the finest and easiest pine species for bonsai training. They are vigorous with dark green needles which quickly reduce in size with the correct trimming techniques.These pre-bonsai specimens have been container grown and the trunks have movement, perfect for a workshop. The branches are well placed and can easily be wired for shaping. The root system has mycorrhizae (white symbotic fungus) which creates a healthy vigorous specimen. Last year’s growth has been bud trimmed so the needles are already shorter than normal. These Japanese black pine pre-bonsai are ready for serious development into fine bonsai and can be potted into display pots. 

pre-bonsai– 1 gal, 8-15” $110 Free Shipping!
Great for club workshops or classes on pine bonsai!

Larger image depicts the single sample tree after wiring and potting.  Smaller image depict First individual sample tree was wired. More sample trees. 
Trees are not sold wired. Ceramic pot not included.

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