Itoigawa Sargent Juniper*

Itoigawa Sargent Juniper*

Itoigawa Sargent Juniper*
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Juniperus chinensis ‘Shimpaku Itoigawa’

Sargent juniper, also called Shimpaku juniper, is a favorite bonsai subject. The bright green foliage is more delicate and refined than the common Shimpaku juniper. They quickly develop and are easy to maintain. Branches can withstand quite a bit of bending into extreme bends as well as delicate forms. Started from cuttings they have been wired for trunk movement. Create your own bonsai with bright green foliage!

pre-bonsai– 1 gal. pots, 9-12” - $70 Free Shipping!

Great for club workshops.

Larger image depict a sample trees after wiring. 

Smaller image depicts sample tree before wiring. 

Pre-bonsai  are not sold wired . 



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