Ezo Spruce*

Ezo Spruce*

Ezo Spruce*
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Picea glehnii

This is the most famous and trained spruce for bonsai in Japan, but extremely difficult to find in the United States. These Ezo spruce are two year old container grown seedlings. Potted and established with an excellent root system they are 8-12” tall. Low branches can be used to develop into shohin bonsai. The needles are short, straight and branches full of buds for spring new growth. Young trunks are now flexible and can easily be shaped into stunning bonsai with movement. Ezo spruce are most commonly trained in the forest style for bonsai. Young seedlings allow for trunk placement close together for an interesting design.Very limited quantities.
Seedlings established in 4” pots, 8-12” tall.


1 Seedling $25  includes shipping.  
3 Seedlings $60  includes shipping.

First and second image depict  two mature group of Ezo Spruce not for sale.
Subsequent images depict samples of of Ezo spruce for sale, individually and in group of three
and a wired smple, seedlings are not sold wired.


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