Dwarf Cork-Bark Japanese Black Pine*

Dwarf Cork-Bark Japanese Black Pine*

Dwarf Cork-Bark Japanese Black Pine*
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Pinus thunbergii var. corticosa ‘Hakuro’

There are several different cultivars of Japanese black pine which form thick corky bark that look like “wings.” The Hakuro Dwarf Cork-Bark Japanese black pine is also in the ‘Yatsubusa’ grouping of dwarf plants which have
multiple buds, short internodes, ability to maintain inner branching and sometimes root easily. There are only a couple of dwarf cultivars of the Cork-Bark Japanese black pine, and Hakuro is one of the most vigorous and easy to grow.
Unlike commercially produced grafted plants, these have been carefully low grafted so the graft union is not
ugly. When the corky bark develops in the lower trunk sections it will actually extend downward presenting a thicker trunk, very unusual. Corky bark is already developing on the trunks, which adds to the appearance of age. These healthy grafted plants have been grown and trimmed for bonsai.

pre-bonsai– 3 gal, HEIGHT 14-16”, trunks 1.5-2”     $265 Free Shipping!

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