Dawn Redwood

Dawn Redwood

Dawn Redwood
Pre-bonsai 1 gal
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Metasequoia glyptostroboides

Unlike the “true” Redwoods native to California, the Dawn redwood, native to China, is a deciduous conifer which is quite winter hardy in northern areas of the United States. The delicate appearing foliage appears to be feathery and is bright green in spring. Autumn brings a bronze coloring before all the foliage drops revealing branches. This fast growing species develops quickly with rough bark adding impact to the bonsai design. Although most bonsai are trained in the formal upright style, any upright form is suitable according to the growth charcteristics. Forest plantings are popular if different size trunks are available. Make your own Redwood forest.

Pre-bonsai– from 1 gal. 10-18” Tall $45 Free Shipping 
5 Unbranched Seedling Bundle - 6-18” Tall– $50 Free Shipping

Larger image depicts a deleloped bonsai forest, ceramic pot not included.
Smaller image depict sample pre-bonsai 1 gallon

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