B-20  Sargent Juniper “Shimpaku”

B-20 Sargent Juniper “Shimpaku”

B-20  Sargent Juniper “Shimpaku”
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Juniperus chinensis var. Sargentii ‘Shimpaku’

Junipers are one of the easiest species for creating bonsai. Since they do not have a typical form in nature, they can be shaped into any bonsai style. The best type of Sargent juniper is commonly called “Shimpaku” in the bonsai community. This variety has naturally short compact foliage which is bright green during the growing season. Completely container grown in the cascade style from a cutting for about 10 years. This Sargent juniper is healthy, vigorous and growing in a Japanese Tokoname-ware bonsai container. Height 10”, top to bottom 21”. 

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