111  Brazilian Rain Tree

111 Brazilian Rain Tree

111  Brazilian Rain Tree
Trunk bark peeling, will regrow to accept irregular trunk shape
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Chloroleucon tortum

Native to the rain forests of Brazil this tree has small delicate beautiful foliag, which present an exotic feeling. This is a true tropical species and should not be allowed to go below 45F. They grow well indoors, especially in hot dry conditions, but are best kept outdoors during the hot summer seasons. They are also grown as bonsai for the beautiful smooth bark that peels and regrows to accomodate the trunks which grow in flattened shapes, often turning. During the summer growing season small whitish yellow flowers form. Watch out for the sharp thorns. Sometimes the leaves fold in half during the evening hours. Contemporary Chinese container. Height 18”, width 18”.

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Images depict bark peeling to regrow and conform to the irregular growing trunk.

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