109  Green Island Fig

109 Green Island Fig

109  Green Island Fig
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Ficus ‘Green Island’

Tropical Figs are one of the easiest species to grow indoors and should never be kept outside in cold weather. Although they like high light, they can survive under lower light. It is recommended that they be kept outdoors during the warm summer season. The Green Island Fig is an excellent variety because of the small foliage which drastically reduces with pinching. Reddish adable fruit usually develop during the summer months. Aerial roots frequently develop and add drama to the total aesthetic impact. This Green Island Fig was created from a larger nursery grown cutting and drastically pruned to create a shohin bonsai. Full of small dark tan fruit which will ripen to a pink-red coloring. It has been acclimated to the New York State summers and cool greenhouse during the winter. Contemporary Chinese container.
Tree height 8”, width 9”.

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