101  Dwarf Japanese Maple

101 Dwarf Japanese Maple

101  Dwarf Japanese Maple
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Acer palmatum “cv.”

This is an unusual dwarf cultivar of Japanese maple, in the “Yatsubusa” group. The cultivar name has been lost but the plant has small, neat foliage and a dwarf growth habit. Note none of the leaves have been sunburn and it has been kept in a full sun exposure all summer. Garden grown then trained in bonsai containers for about 5 years. This spring the bonsai was lightly wired and several guy wires were used for shaping. They have now been removed and a couple of other branches were wired. Two inarch grafts were made in spring and one survived. New spring growth opens orange. The relationship and position of the two trunks starting at an impressive surface root system are excellent. Contemporary Chinese container. Tree height 26”, width 24”.

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